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Zoho Human Resources

Zoho gives your organization a comprehensive set of tools to find new talent and empower employees. 

Find new talent

Growing businesses depend on hiring new people. Zoho One gives you tools to find the right people for the right jobs.

  1. Fill Openings
  2. Resume Parsing
  3. Interviews
  4. Create Offer Letters

Onboard and empower employees

Employees are a precious asset. Zoho gives you tools to develop talent and build a strong organization.

Zoho Recruit Consulting:

Transform and Revolutionize Your Hiring Process with Zoho Hiring Software

The hiring process is an essential process for every company as your future success depends on what kind of talent you hire. If you want to hire and retain employees for a long time then your hiring process and management should be seamless. Your human resources department and staffing agencies have to be vigilant with talent searching and adopt efficient background checks. Improving your recruitment game is possible now with Zoho Recruiting System. This software is designed to help staffing agencies and human resources department to streamline your hiring process. Now, users will only need a single platform to manage and improve all your hiring processes. So, if you are looking to hire the best candidates and properly source and track through vast talent pool then our Zoho Consultants are here you to offer Zoho Recruit Consulting.

At Zilltech, our Zoho Recruit Consulting has helped many agencies and companies to search for talent as quickly as possible and ensure a great experience for recruiters. So how does Zoho Recruiting System work? It allows users to post multiple vacancies, customize your career pages, sourcing through different channels, and manage the screening process. Moreover, for your recruiting process, the Zoho Recruiting System allows you to manage resumes and assess for future qualifications. After you have shortlisted candidates and schedule interviews, you can roll out offers, run background screening, and send e-signatures for verification of documentation. All in all, you can apply your industry knowledge and hire the right talent for your company or clients.


Zoho People:

Manage all HR functions with Zoho People – Consulting services at Zilltech

If you have a small, medium or large enterprise, and need a software for Human Resource management, then Zoho People is the right choice for you to make. It is an award winning software that helps you manage the workforce and employees efficiently.

Streamline HR processes

Zoho People is built to virtually organize HR processes and make every HR workflow fast and simple. It is because of this that Zoho People has numerous benefits to bring to the table, most of them are transforming HR management into an enjoyable experience rather dull and boring for businesses worldwide.

Businesses can use Zoho People consultants to manage every single aspect of their workforce management, while doing so from a centralized location. Employees are invited to insert information in a handy, self-service portal, and make it accessible any time, and from every location. Zoho People consultants, in fact, assist businesses in providing them with a handy collaborative environment where employees and managers help each other, data is constantly updated, and redundancy is eliminated leaving nothing but accuracy for each and every workflow.



Zoho people helps get new hires on board, and welcomes them with effective introductions, showing them how to make the most of their potential and how to develop. It will assist businesses with running performance appraisal cycles to complete reviews in a systematic way, and offer features such as goal setting and tracking, 360-degree feedback, self-appraisal, and performance analytics. This is probably more than one would expect from a centralized database, but Zoho’s development team has done a very fine job in providing HR operations for businesses so that they can make the most of it to attract and retain the best talent. Furthermore, the main features of Zoho People include

  •  Attendance Management
  •  Time Tracker
  •  Leave Tracker
  •  Compensation
  •  Performance Appraisals
  •  Payroll Management
  •  Trainings, etc.