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Welcome to Zilltech

Building end-to-end solutions using Zoho. Your Zoho Experience Begins With Us.

Who Are We

Zilltech, is an US/PAKISTAN-based firm and a division of AgileBTS, is devoted to helping business people work with Zoho CRM in a variety of ways: implementation, customization, and consulting. We started in 2018 and, since then, we’ve become one of Zoho’s top Consultants, a distinction given to Zoho Consultants who are responsible for a certain amount of Zoho Corporation’s revenue per year.

Our Mission

Revolutionizing businesses by leveraging cutting-edge technology solutions to tackle challenges, optimize operations, and foster long-term growth and success.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



The process begins with clearly defining the project scope, objectives, and requirements. This stage involves thorough analysis and communication with stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the project goals



Once the project requirements are defined, the design phase begins. This involves creating a detailed blueprint of the software solution, including architecture, user interface, and functionality. Designers collaborate closely with developers to ensure the feasibility and usability of the proposed solution.



In this stage, developers bring the design to life by writing code and building the software according to the specifications outlined in the design phase. This involves programming, testing, and debugging to ensure that the software meets quality standards and functions as intended.



Once the software is developed and thoroughly tested, it is ready for deployment. This stage involves implementing the software in the production environment and making it available to end-users. Deployment may also include data migration, training, and support to ensure a smooth transition.



After deployment, the focus shifts to delivering the software to the end-users. This may involve user training, documentation, and ongoing support to help users effectively utilize the software and address any issues that may arise.



The final stage involves evaluating the success of the software development process and the impact of the deployed solution. This includes gathering feedback from users, monitoring performance metrics, and identifying areas for improvement. The insights gained during this stage inform future development cycles and continuous improvement efforts.

Our Services & Products

A far cry from a “normal” Zoho consulting shop, we offer a variety of services and products at Zilltech:


Our core brand.  We provide Zoho consulting, training, customization, development, and other professional services related to the Zoho suite of apps.


Our complete vertical solution, designed especially for field services, manufacturing, and technology/SaaS companies, and built on Zoho Creator.


Our ETL (extract, transform, load) platform built to connect Zoho apps to third-party ERP apps.  We use this platform to connect Zoho CRM, Finance, and Creator to programs like Quickbooks, Sage 100 ERP, and many others.



Our Developers are available 24x7 ensuring that any issues or requirements are addressed promptly. Whether it’s during office hours or beyond.

Focused Solution

We focus on providing Zoho CRM solution of your problem rather than selling our services. We ensure our consultation is Valuable.

Cost Effectiveness

We offer Cost-Effective Solutions that help maximize the value of your investment. Also, we have a clear understanding of the costs involved.

Account Manager

Dedicated person to ensures efficient & effective execution of every project, seamless communication & tracking of progress towards project goals.

Power of Team

Our Team's diverse skills & expertise in all Zoho apps can bring a range of perspectives to problem-solving & effective solutions for your business.

Systematic Project Management

Structured methods & processes to plan, execute, control projects. Helps to ensure that they are completed on time.

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No False Promise under Delivery

False promises or overstating what we can deliver is not in our best practices. We always communicate with honesty and transparency.

Honest Consultancy

Provide honest advice, recommendations and consulting services to our clients based on needs & goals.

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