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Zoho Consultants

Zilltech is an Advance Zoho Consultant our consultants are experienced in customizing this powerful Cloud-based customer relationship management tool. Our Zoho CRM experts can assist you in aligning the CRM with each module of your business. From assistance with implementation, through to its training and on-going support, we have the professionals to help you at each stage.

Zoho CRM allows you to:

 Automate your sales process and be productive by tracking all the sales activities

 Connect with your customers regularly

 Access your CRM database via mobile phone

 Stay up-to-date with CRM activities at any hour of the day

 Integrate CRM with other applications to create a scalable and customized business solution

 Sync Google e-mail and other information with Zoho CRM

We specialize in customized CRM solutions for different industries and work as the trusted Zoho consultants. The expert Zoho CRM consultants ensure that the CRM strategy is cost effective and does not cause any disruption to the business operations. This helps achieving the short and long term business goals.

Zoho Apps

At Zilltech, we offer you Consultation, Implementation, Integration, Training and Support for Zoho Apps. They include the following:

Zoho Mail Add-on:

Manage your customer correspondence within the Zoho CRM by configuring Zoho Mail add-on.

Zoho Campaigns Integration:

Export leads and contacts from CRM to Campaigns and easily plan & execute newsletters, welcome emails, customer surveys, etc

Advanced CRM Analytics:

Slice and Dice your CRM data in Zoho Reports and take better data-driven business decisions.

Build Custom Apps:

Build custom apps and integrated Creator Apps in a single platform.

Visitor Tracking (Zoho SalesIQ Integration):

Track your website visits, help our customers via chat and keep a record of the data within Zoho CRM with Zoho SalesIQ integration.

Zoho Projects Integration:

Create or associate projects from the Accounts, Contacts and Potentials modules.

Zoho Survey Integration:

Add survey links in your templates and view responses from leads and contacts within Zoho CRM.

 Zoho Support Integration:

View support tickets in the Leads, Accounts and Contacts modules inside Zoho CRM integration and keep track of the customer requests.

Zoho Writer Add-on:

Create templates online using CRM data to create mail merge documents.

Zoho Invoice/ Zoho Books Integration:

View invoices of Accounts and Contacts modules inside Zoho CRM and keep track of the payment status.


Zoho CRM Integration with Zoho Docs

Zoho CRM partner are here to assist you with your customized CRM solution

We ensure that our Zoho CRM consultants are in touch with you to improve the Sales and Marketing performance of your business. We are the expert Zoho consultants with a team of the best Zoho developers, so call us today for further queries.