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Zoho Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) software

Business intelligence software helps extract actionable insights from your data to make better decisions and devise successful strategies. By using a BI tool like Zoho Analytics for your business, you can gain better visibility of your business. A BI software helps you understand what is going on, identify if you need to take action, and decide what you should do next—all based on data trends and patterns.

What is Business Intelligence (BI) software?

Business intelligence (BI) is all about putting your data to efficient use, so that you can make data-driven decisions. BI empowers organizations to make decisions based on data rather than assumptions.

BI software is a tool or app equipped with modern technologies such as AI and ML, which helps you transform data into actionable insights without spending much effort. The BI tool converts raw data into meaningful insights in a way that you can understand, use, and share, to improve your business operations.

Zoho Analytics Consulting

Gain Valuable Insights within Minutes and Enhance Your Business Intelligence with Zoho Reporting and Analytics Software

Zilltech is offering robust and seamless Zoho Reporting and Analytics Software integration for companies who want to make better business decisions. Analytics and insights, as well as reports, are an important part of decision making. For small and large businesses using Zoho Reporting and Analytics Software allows them to manage their data and improve their performance. Unless you are effectively using your business intelligence data, making informed decisions is impossible. The efficiency of your business decisions depends on how good your reporting tools are. This is why Zoho Reporting and Analytics Software is important as it enables businesses to effectively curtail your reporting needs. Zoho consultants and our effective process of Zoho Analytics Consulting has helped many clients improve their analysis capabilities.

Zoho Business Intelligence Software offers powerful reports creation tools and data analysis which will allow you to examine your current business performance. By analyzing and measuring your current performance, you will be able to make decisions for the future. When you are doing continuous data collection and analyzing it, it is important to improvise the reporting process so you do no miss out on essential details. All in all, for all types of users like data analysts or spreadsheet users, Zoho Business Intelligence Software is highly intelligent. Let us see how. First of all, as a scalable business intelligence solution, it helps users handle large amounts of data, create different visualizations, optimize your business methods, identify different growth areas, and highlight problematic areas for improvement.

This is why you would need a team of Zoho Consultants with whom you can work on improving your business processes by integrating Zoho Reporting and Analytics Software. Producing large amounts of data from different sources can be overwhelming but data is an indicator of how your business. This is why as experts and specialists in Zoho Reporting and Analytics Software, we are offering consultation services for small and medium-sized businesses. As a user-friendly business intelligence solution, our Zoho Analytics Consulting will allow you to track business metrics and identify outliers and hidden insights.

Tools, and Services that are specifically designed to help businesses of all sizes to streamline their operations. It includes a wide range of products such as CRM, customer support, project management, analytics, HR management, and more.

Zoho Desk

Consider our consulting services for Zoho Desk and enjoy excellent customer care

Are you looking forward to keeping a track record of all the customer queries? Or need proper software to manage your customer support services efficiently? Well, Zoho Desk is the right solution for your enterprise, and Zoho Desk consultants can provide a detailed overview of how it can be beneficial to the business.

Features of Zoho Desk:

• Automation
• Ticket management
• Zia
• Self-service
• Agent Productivity
• Extensibility
• Insights
• Customization

You can assign, track and set up alerts on the Desk and customize it according to your business needs. Our experts can assist you in ensuring that the customers get the support when they need it. Zoho Desk also suggests relevant solutions from your knowledge base. This is important to ensure that a customer centric approach can be followed for a business. Our Zoho desk consultants guide you on how to use the Zoho Desk to make your business more efficient.

Ticket Management Managing tickets on Zoho Desk becomes easier when you are equipped with tools such as multibrand help center, multidepartment, email, telephony, social media, live chat, to name a few. On an average day, your agent simply works through a support request from a customer. But there are days when it will get chaotic for agents as stacks of tickets start piling up from customers. What you need is an effective helpdesk ticketing software that removes all impending bottlenecks and ensures a smooth, error-free process for everyone involved.

Automations Don’t let routine tasks bog you down when you have Zoho Desk Consulting help you achieve all of them automatically. By automating tasks you will not just save time but also focus on nurturing long term relationship with customers. This is achieved by prioritizing your service goals using help desk essentials, notification rules, workflows etc.

Zia is an AI-powered assistant for Zoho Desk that lets you stay on top of every aspect of customer service. Zia speaks to your customers and gives prompt solutions, it identifies every aspect of the ticket, shares solutions directly from your knowledge base with your customer and sends notifications if there is an unusual activity in your ticket stream.

Self-service enables customers to seek answers on their own. This is achieved by creating a self-service portal for each customer and creating a repository of solutions for commonly asked questions.

Agent productivity is improved when they have a wide number of tools available to collaborate, communicate and secure customer relationships. This is achieved through a system that automatically organizes open tickets, sends best response to FAQs, sets up teams that make it easier for employees to collaborate, manage tickets even when you are away from your Desk and provides handy tools that make resolving tickets faster.

Extensibility – Zoho Desk Developer will show you how to make your desk more robust with the power of third-party integrations. Zoho Desk offers a variety of customization that are well-suited to the needs of your business. When you are able to personalize every little detail of your help desk, this enables you to put your best foot forward.

Insights The detailed reports of the ticket overview will help you keep a track of your service using the most common metrics. You get time-based reports and track all agent performance parameters at the click of the fingertip.

Customization Customize your support software without getting into the hassle of coding through Zoho Desk Consulting. Whether it is to do with applying your logo to the domain, creating custom fields to store information or designing your own SMS templates.

Security – Zoho Desk Developer will show you how help desk can maintain security of your customer data without compromising on your team’s flexibility. You get to control who can access data within each module and who can modify the data in your help desk.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator Solution Provider

At Zilltech, we provide Zoho Creator Consultants services.Zoho Creator is a cloud based software which allows you to create customized apps without any IT expert. It is one of the easiest application building platforms that allows you to create apps within a few days instead of months. Zoho Creator allows the users to create custom applications that can be beneficial for any business type (small and enterprise level). It also brings all the communication with the customers under one place so the businesses can focus on the goals.

Our professional and trained Zoho Cr

Our professional and trained Zoho Creator Consultants provide businesses with the needed consulting services in developing and launching applications. The Zoho Creator developers assist businesses in making mobile and desktop applications. The Zoho Creator consultants provide top notch services so that the new app can be utilized in its truest meaning for attaining the customer satisfaction. The exceptional features of Zoho Creator makes the application building easier for small, medium and large businesses. It has the simplest developing interface which is easily comprehendable. It enables businesses to go beyond the customer expectations while managing their work processes at one platform.


Achieving Business Targets and Streamlining work Processes with Zoho Creator developers

We understand that a sound technological progress is necessary for the business growth, and this is where our Zoho Creator Developers play their role. What’s more better to endure the digital world with Zoho Creator developers? Simplify your business digitally with Zoho Creator developers. It provides you with an easy to operate interface with customizable triggers. It also helps you with Low-code platform. It is a technology that drives digital transformation by simplifying the way businesses build applications. Low-code platform help businesses get rid from the intricacies of doing coding by hand and enable businesses with all the rapid development and deployment of mobile-ready apps.

At Zilltech, you can reach out to Zoho Creator developers who are having extensive industry experience and skills spanning over years. They will ensure setting and achieving the business targets for your business. The developers most importantly help create user-friendly applications that have a simple interface that anyone in the pipeline can use and operate. Whether you require a single app for reminding tasks, and want to be notified about deadlines or creating fully functional mobile apps, we have the experts that can utilize the resources to facilitate you in the best manner possible.

Build seamless apps with Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator allows you to build applications that can run on any platform with a least effort. We at Zilltech believes that clients are our biggest asset. Their preferences matter the most.

Through Zoho Creator you can set up apps on the web builder and it will automatically create a mobile-friendly version— so no extra coding involved. In addition to the web app, you’ll have another mobile version with all the essential UI/UX functionalities and options to create your own themes for the mobile apps.

Features of Zoho Creator:

• Drag-and-drop application builder
• Workflow Builder
• Tasks, Reminders, and Notifications
• Custom Reports And Interactive Dashboards
• Secure Access Controls
• Multi-Language Support
• Integration and API
• Mobile Apps
• Collaboration Tools
• Smart Reports
• Customer Portal

We are the Zoho Creator Developers to rely on when you need any help with Zoho Creator and its consultation. There are a lot of things that a business owner has to manage, it is important to take control of the important sectors including data, processes and people. Zoho  Creator is one of the soundest software that you can get for any kind of business. If you think Zoho Creator is right for your organization, let one of our team members help you out with it.

Should you need any information or like to speak to one of our Zoho Consultants, submit your contact details and we will get back to you at our earliest!

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